5 career advice you should absolutely not take

I’d advise you do not take career advice you will regret for the rest of your life.

Career advice is easy to choose or give and many people actually think they are good advisers to others about their career choice.

A career is a job or an occupation that defines an important part of one’s life and when asking for advice about this, you need to be extra meticulous because not all career advice is should be accepted.

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Below are five bad pieces of career advice you should absolutely ignore when given.

  1. Any amount of salary is ok

”You know the country is hard and there is no good job available and this one is probably the best one you can get. Just accept the small salary they are offering you and as time goes on you can go on to a better job”.

This piece of advice seems nice because the person giving it does not want you to go jobless. That said, don’t just agree to any salary offer. The employers do have the range and they expect you to negotiate your salary with them wisely.

  1. Don’t quit even if you hate the job

This is certainly one of the worst career advice you can get. Don’t allow people who do not know what you go through at work and how bad the job is to advise you to stay in a job you don’t like

  1. If you are comfortable just stay

I’d say no. If you do want to have a career you won’t stay in a job because you are just comfortable. Job satisfaction is also crucial to your overall health. It is when you have peace then you can grow and enjoy your career with your personal life.

  1. Manage the job for now

Only if you’re very broke and you need money, agreeing to any job offer is wrong career advice you might want to avoid. Advice like this will only leave you sad and frustrated in the job.

  1. Just make money

One reason for getting a job and a career is to make money but the salary shouldn’t be the only focus when agreeing to stay in a job.  Money is certainly not everything. If you are earning a big salary but you are not satisfied with the job, you may need to choose another job. Don’t follow the money while you are sad, your happiness matters.

There you have, let me know what you think of this advice in the comment box below and don’t forget to share this post on social media.