5 Major Things You Must Know Before Moving To Canada

It is hard not to get super excited about the prospect of migrating to Canada, either as a tourist, student professional and for temporal or permanent bases. It is the dream of many to migrate to Canada giving the beauty of its cities, the wonderful color of the sky blending with the environs, the beautiful lakes, the structured medical care, the polite people that lives in it, the multi-cultural heritage of the country, the strong economy and the opportunity that exist in it. However, like any other country, one should be able to know this five major facts before moving to Canada.

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1. Canada has Two official languages

Canada make use of two official language: English and French, and both language have equal status in Canada. Do you think that sounds wired? Now imagine being in Singapore which have four main official languages and India that have sixteen official languages. You may not really notice the French touch of the country until you’re in the eastern province of Quebec, there, people are trying very hard to keep things as French as possible. the OQLF (basically the language police) enforces laws to make sure everyone uses French as major language. you might be in difficulté In this province, if you hate french.
2. Canada Has a multicultural Heritage

Canada has one of the best immigration policies that makes it a magnet to immigrants across the world. consequently, Canada has a crazy rate of immigration, though there is still enough space for more immigrants. Canada has nearly 200 nationalities and over 250 ethnic origins. Furthermore, 20% of Canadian citizens where born in another country, giving rise to a wide range of multicultural setting. However, it have really work well for the country over the years.

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3. The Temperature Is Freezing Cold

The temperature in Canada is very cold, when we say cold, we mean very chill. its cities are one of the coldest cities in the north America. though the country’s west coast can be fairly okay during winter, but vast part of the country can be as low as -30°C or -40°C, you know what? that is bloody. in fact in Yukon, Canada -63°C was recorded in 1947. Do you know that is the surface temperature of Mars?
4. You Have To Learn the slang

‘The Canadian English’ is a special kind of English. The Canadians flows in their own type of English in expression of somethings and it can be confusing to any immigrant who is not prepared for such. Like if you hear “biffy” they are oof to the toilet, $1 coin is called “loonie”, Kilometer is express as “klick”, you express $2 coin as “toonie, and “about” as “aboat”.

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5. You Have To Beware of the bears

Canadian Bears can be dangerous, the Canadian bears can kill you if they are in the mood to kill. Canada has three kind of bears you should be wary about, listing it in there order of scary: the black bears, the grizzle and the polar bears. the black bears only goes to hunt human being when they are starving and the country has over 500,000 of black bears. the Grizzly bears are bigger than the black bears in size and they are good in running. they are about seven fit tall when standing and there about 20,000 of Grizzly bears across the country. The polar bears stays in the cold and ice areas and can attack anyone at sight. the population of polar bear in Canada is about 17,000.

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