How To Find A Suitable School As An International Student And Admission/Visa Application

For those aiming to study in Canada but still finding difficulties in choosing an institution, this post is for you. It can be a bit of a hassle finding and deciding on the institution one can apply for admission, especially as an International student. In this post, you will discover the best way to find and decide on the Institution that’s willing to accept your admission application.


The first thing anyone seeking to study abroad should consider while choosing an Institution is the country’s economic and political state. You wouldn’t want to travel to a country that’s politically unstable or that’s in a middle of civic unrest or find yourself in a country where getting a job either as a student or full time will be impossible for you. So political and economic stability of the country comes first before considering their Universities.

Once that is sorted out, the next step will be to research on their institutions and paramount on the Institution consideration should be the courses they offer. Now you need to find out if they are offering the course(s) you wish to study and if yes, what’s their rating. The rating is in terms of their performance. As soon as that is sorted out, the next thing to look at is if they have scholarship provisions for international students. This is very important, especially for those with limited financial budget or on a low financial budget. Getting some financial relief on your tuition fees isn’t a bad idea, that’s the more reason you should make it a point to consider it and the requirements to qualify for it.

Most institutions offer some sort of scholarship to international students while others don’t, however, that should not stop you from applying in any institution you think they meet your standard and that you can afford. It’s at least recommended that you check their international students policy. Like some schools will help their international students to secure a temporary/student work permit, this will allow you to get some sort of part time job while also studying.

Once these are certified, then it’s time to start the admission and visa application process. It’s advisable to first apply for the admission before starting your visa application, this will save you some stress on the long run and also save you some money too. You won’t want to apply for a visa when you are not sure of your admission status, that’s the reason it’s recommended to start and sort out the admission first, once that’s done, your visa is half way assured. It’s always favorable to apply for a visa using your letter of admission, some schools can also come in to facilitate your visa application sometimes. However, before applying for admission, you will have to make sure that most of your documents are ready. Some will start their application process without reading the school’s requirements and making sure that all the required documents are ready, they will only start running around once they start getting letters from the school. This is wrong, it shows your lack of seriousness. A lot of things can go wrong on the process of you getting these documents ready and cost you your application.

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Among other things that you need to get ready first before starting any of your application processes is IELTS (English language proficiency test). This is very important for English speaking countries. If your country is a French speaking country, you are also required to take the French language proficiency test. This should be ready before your application. Your International passport is a must. If you haven’t gotten it, it’s advisable you get it first and handy before starting your application processes.

With these, I hope you will find it less stressful finding, deciding and applying for admissions in any school. Use the comment section to tell us how you find this article and what more you would want us to write about.

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