How To Process Your Canada Permanent Residence Visa Without Agent Or A Consultant

Most people prefer to use an agent for their visa processing without knowing that it’s not such a huge issue. The truth is that an agent can make things lighter and less stressful, however, it comes with a big price. Some agents are not even as half informed as everyone else, they are just in business. The use of an agent/consultant is to make the process of your application to be more smooth and easy by the input of such an expert.


However, the use of an agent/consultant can be very frustrating if the agent is not reliable and transparent. the use of an agent can also be costly for someone who want to maintain a cost effective budget for His/Her immigration plan. Well, the good news is that you have all it takes to process your Canada PR Visa on your own with the help of the right information. because most of Canada immigration process is online, so if you are done with Canadian immigration rules and guidelines, you can simply apply and process it on your own.

1. Go for the eligibility test using the hypothetical test scores(HTS)

2. Choose your national occupation classification (NOC) skill category

3. Proceed to write your International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and target at least 7.0

4. Pay and submit your documents for world education services (WES) evaluation

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5. Relax and wait for an invitation to apply (ITA) giving that your IELTS score is good

6. Then Apply for Your Canadian Permanent Residence with all the required documents.

7. The last is to go for your biometrics

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