Proven tips on how to choose a career path

Welcome to the new world! In the days of old when things were still as it’s simple as possible, choosing a career was easy and simple, the process was graduate university, get a good-paying job, get experience, and retire at the highest 65, but it has all changed in such a short period, it seems you have to consider the other 23 alphabets to be sure you aren’t wrong.


  1. What are your options?

Everyone always says you do what you love, while that is very crucial, you do not want to end up in a career that would hit rock bottom after a couple of years or even a month, that is after giving so much, mostly in time.

Let’s be real, with every improvement in technology, some career paths become obsolete. There are many features to consider though, but it is crucial that in any given career; given career vs. average salary vs. experience for the next two to three years can ensure you don’t end up in a job that machines would eventually take over.

  1. Passion matters

Here comes a crucial one. You must have probably heard someone say “you can only become successful if you have passion for what you do”, well what if you have passion for nothing, then you begin to think you should have obviously messed things up if you went for that career because you don’t have a passion to keep going and then you find yourself frustrated.

It should not be about passion, it is one of broad aspects of your career. Learn to discipline that broad aspiration of yours; if you want to be the next J. K. Rowling, determine what type of writer you want to be; a blogger, content writer, fictional novelist, non-fictional novelist, you could even become a writing coach or a critic to others.

  1. What your motivation

Feeling motivated is a crucial part of job satisfaction; it also makes you do more. Generally, there is two motivation range: promotion-focused and prevention-focused.

Promotion focused is the evergreen entrepreneur, thinks up business ideas and takes those steps of faith. They are the impulsive type, positive ones, sometimes too positive, but, that what motivates these guys, the risk.

  1. Knowing yourself

It is often helpful to have some knowledge of your temperament and I do not mean Googling your personality, that’s not in good enough, try the Myers-Briggs personality test, that should give some great result on your personality type.

An individual, for instance, might be more attracted to a private role and perform the duties well while an extroverted person would thrive more in the marketing world. This does not in any way means an introvert cannot do well in the marketing world of business and entrepreneurship as long as they have passion, there are no obstacles.

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Proven tips on how to choose a career path